Phenomenal Growth

Vietnamese Acer 1Vietnamese Acer 2

These very rare Air-Pot grown Vietnamese Acers in the nursery at Kew Gardens have put on extraordinary growth, only eighteen months on from germination.

Air-Pot seed trays for a perfect start.

Sequoia seedlings 1 small

A perfect demonstration of the advantages of using Air-Pot containers right from propagation.

The two Sequoia seedlings are 30 days from germination. The one on the left from an Air-Pot seed tray the other grown in a standard tray. Already the Air-Pot grown one has had its tap root air pruned and is growing a mass of healthy lateral roots. The tap root on the other has hit the bottom of the tray and has developed a J root deformity. As a result it will never be as strong a tree.

Air-Pot Containers in Russia

Our recent introduction of the Air-Pot system to the Russian market has had a very positive response.







Rozovy Sad nursery in Krasnodar have enthusiastically embraced growing with Air-Pot containers and are getting great results.

Fantastic Growth

On a recent visit to Kew gardens Andrew Luke showed me this amazing example of the improved growth possible in Air-Pot containers.The tree was potted on from a one litre to a twenty litre Air-Pot in March. At the same time trees from the same batch were planted in the ground.

Kew tree 1  Kew tree 2

The difference in growth is remarkable – graphically demonstrated by the size of the leaves.

News from Spain

Servibo nurseries in Cantabria are producing some high quality trees with the Air-Pot system.

4 betula ap 6 liqui 3







airpot con setas 2ap38 2







The fantastic aeration of the compost promotes healthy mycological activity which releases even more nutrient for the tree.

See the difference

On a recent visit to a leading English nursery, Jamie came across this clear demonstration of the superior results obtained with Air-Pot containers.
Spectacular difference

Both sets of trees are identical and were planted at the same time. The Air-Pot grown trees on the left show massively better growth and much healthier foliage.

Expo 2015

All ten thousand  of the trees for the landscaping of next years Expo 2015 in Milan have been grown in Air-Pot containers.

Expo trees  Expo label




With deadlines fast approaching the first trees are being transported to the site and planted.

Tree loadingPlanting tree

The very dense ball of roots makes handling and planting the trees extremely easy.

Ancient Olives

Alexiou tree nurseries in Greece are using the unique capabilities of large Air-Pot containers to grow the trees for a new park in Athens.

GREECE 2014 2    GREECE 2014




The fantastic dense ball of fibrous roots that the trees develop in the Air-pot containers mean that the trees will establish immediately when they are planted out.