Air-Pot Garden Range

Our new garden range has been developed in response to feedback from our customers and expert growers. It includes a wide range of sizes and shapes for everything from germinating seeds to growing the best vegetables. All of the containers have two or more uncut cones at the top to provide a water reservoir for easy watering.

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  • Small Seed Tray- Air-Pot®

    Air-Pot Small Seed Tray

  • Air-Pot Large Seed Tray

  • 1 litre Air-Pot

    Air-Pot Prop-Pot

  • Air-Pot Garden – Small

  • Air-Pot Garden – Medium

  • Air-Pot Garden – Large

  • Air-Pot Garden – Extra Large

  • Potato Tower - Air-Pot®

    Air-Pot Potato Tower

  • Air-Pot Garden Range Pack

    The Air-Pot Gardeners Pack (Best Value)