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The instant establishment and almost 100% success rate of Air-Pot® grown stock means it is now being specified for the most prestigious developments.

From the London Olympic Park, to Expo 2015 in Milan and the soon to be built Garden Bridge over the Thames, expert landscape designers have realised the importance of planting the best quality, fastest establishing trees, and specify only Air-Pot® grown stock.

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“Thanks to the Air-Pot system we get plants with a balanced fibrous root system, free of defects and with a greater resistance to biotic and abiotic stress”

Dr.Agr. Sonia Cacini PhD – Righetti Romano plants

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“We use Air-Pot containers from 9 to 100 litres in subsequent stages of cultivation, maintaining the harmonious development of robust non spiralling roots”

Giancarlo Ghilotti – Vivai Ghilotti

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