“After many years nursery experience working in Italy, Germany, Holland and the UK I can 100% guarantee I would never go back to any other container system. For me the Air-Pot system is definitely the number one system for growing trees”

Matthias Anton
Deepdale trees

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The Experts – Fruit and vegetables

Increasingly commercial growers are realising the benefits of the Air-Pot system for producing food crops. Oranges, nectarines cherries and blueberries are all being successfully produced, as well as tomatoes cucumbers and melons.

Citrus growers in Florida can produce a fruiting tree in three rather than five years, while growers in Holland can get cherries to market earlier and command higher prices.

Competitive vegetable growers have also recognised that the superior roots grown by the Air-Pot system will give them prize winning results. British grower Mark Shepherd is confident that he will soon take the world record with an Air-Pot® grown onion.