Air-Pot U

The Air-Pot U is a continuous suspended trough of Air-Pot material for the cultivation of small trees and shrubs. The height of the Air-Pot U above the ground makes the trees much easier to work with, in any weather, and greatly reduces the need to use fungicides and pesticides. Irrigation and delivery of nutrient are built into the system and run off can be collected for recycling.

The U system is used in conjunction with a filling, and a harvesting machine; for extremely efficient production. The Air-Pot material is pulled from the frame and the trees separated as they come off. Growing in the Air-Pot U ensures the development of a healthy non spiraling root system, leading to better uptake of nutrients and water, faster growth and healthier plants.

The improved root structure allows the trees to establish instantly in the next stage of their development. Transplanted after a year in the U trees have put on up to 50% more growth than the same species transplanted from the field. Ready for sale in two rather than three years.

Installation and Production costs

The system (including irrigation) costs around €30 per metre to install, the compost filling machine €5000 and the harvesting machine €20000. Machines can be supplied by Logitech or Teus Scholtus.

Cost of production per plant is approx €2.10 depending on the bare root variety – breaking down as:

• Root stock €0,50
• Scion stock €0,25
• Grafting €0,25
• Planting €0,25
• Cold Storage €0,10
• Plant pole €0,25
• Harvesting €0,25
• Nutrients and water €0,25