Air-Pot Tree Range

The Air-Pot container was originally developed twenty years ago for growing trees and shrubs without the root deformities caused by traditional containers. It has been continually improved and is now in its sixth generation. Every detail of the design has been refined. It is now used by experts at the worlds’ leading horticultural institutions and by leading commercial growers in 23 countries worldwide. The containers have just one uncut cone at the top to act as a water reservoir to guarantee no root circling.

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  • 1 litre Air-Pot

    1 litre Air-­Pot Tree

  • 3 litre Air-Pot Original

    3 litre Air-­Pot Tree

  • 5 Litre Air-Pot Original

    5 litre Air-Pot Tree

  • 7.5 litre Air-Pot Tree

  • 12.5 litre Air-Pot Tree

  • 20 litre Air-Pot Tree

  • 30L Air-Pot Original

    30 litre Air-Pot Tree

  • 45L Air-Pot Original

    45 litre Air-Pot Tree

  • Tree Growers Pack

    Air-Pot Tree Growers Pack (Best Value)