Air-Pot Container

The original and the best air pruning container.
Made in the UK from recycled plastic since 1997.

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Air-Pot® – The expert’s choice

Nurseries in many countries are reaping the benefits of the Air-Pot system, from the small to the very large, the Air-Pot system is truly unique in its ability to containerise any size.

Fruit and vegetables growers, both commercial and competitive, are realising the benefits of the Air-Pot system, with improved lead times and prize winning results.

Horticultural Institutions across the globe have adopted the Air-Pot system for their work in research and conservation. The top botanical experts have embraced the benefits of Air-Pot®.

Landscape Designers appreciate the instant establishment and almost 100% success rate of Air-Pot® grown stock, top landscapers are increasingly specifying Air-Pot® use for prestigious developments.

Around the world the Air-Pot system is effective from the Tropics to the Arctic circle, Air-Pot® for all species.