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Spectacular peppers

Bon Plan Plants in Tolouse France are getting spectacular results growing organic food in Air-Pot containers for local high end restaurants.






Capiscums produce extraordinary crops in Air-Pot containers.

And citrus trees beautiful fruit.



Air-Pot containers in Sri Lanka

The Lankem tea and rubber company in Sri Lanka have started a trial with Air Pot containers.

Sri Lanka compost

A good compost mix using locally available material.

Rubber tree

This rubber tree looks very happy.


Beautiful Aubergines

Aubergine 1 small Aubergine 2 small










Aubergines have proved to be another plant that excels in Air-Pot containers.

We have a glut of beautiful aubergines from our Air-Pot grown plant. with plenty more to come!

Cypress seedlings

Goan cedar cone Goan cedars







While on holiday in Turkey earlier in the summer I came across an unusual Cypress tree planted by a mosque. I picked up one of its very distinctive cones which duly produced some seed. These have germinated beautifully in an Air-Pot seed tray. I think the tree is a Cupressus lindleyi also known as Cedar of Goa or Mexican Cypress.Does anyone know anything about this tree and whether it will survive the British climate?

European Tour

Had a wonderful time last week touring European nurseries with a group of growers from USA and Canada.

Starting at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew where Andrew Luke showed us how the Air-Pot system is being used to conserve endangered plants.

Kew 7:14 1     Kew 7:14 2







Then on to Pistoia and Canetto in Italy to visit nurseries using the system to grow the trees for the forthcoming Expo 2015 in Milan.

Caneto Group shot Techno Vivai 2

And finally to Holland to see how the Air-Pot U is revolutionising the production of small trees.

Crum 1 Crum 2

Sensational cherries

Agroconsulting in Hungary are having great success growing cherries with the Air-Pot system.

DSC_0008 DSC_0005

The trees are laden with delicious cherries.

P1060308  DSC_0040

Four drippers in each pot ensures an even development of roots allowing the tree to absorb more    nutrient and water.   Leading to spectacular fruit!

From little Acorns

Oak seedlings 3As part of our ongoing seed trials we are growing oaks in the Air-Pot propagation trays. After being planted in February the seedlings are ready to be potted up.

Tap roots 2 The tap root of each seedling has been air-pruned stimulating root branching from the stem.

Oak roots 1 We washed out the roots of one of the seedlings to demonstrate the amazing root development. Jamie is pointing at the air-pruned tap root.

Oak seedlings 18-6The fantastic root structure means the seedlings can go straight to a 3 litre pot and continue to flourish.


Air-Pots in Norway

Our friends at Randesund in Norway are getting great results producing flowering plants in Air-Pots

ATT00005 ATT00010










and making their own compost with the Compost Air.

ATT00015 ATT00016

Seed Trials

We have recently embarked on a long term trial to compare trees grown from seed in Air-Pot containers with ones grown in a conventional manner.

We are growing a range of species and will be reviewing their progress and root development regularly.

Empty trays-1 small







Air-Pot propagation tray next to the conventional tray being used in the trial.

Metasequoia seedlings 2 smallMetasequoia seedlings 3 small

The first Sequoiadendron seedlings are now up. it is amazing that the worlds largest tree comes from such tiny seeds.