Air-Pot Tree Growers Pack (Best Value)




The Air-Pot Tree Growers pack is the ideal range to start growing your own trees.

Sow your seedlings in a 8 litre Air-Pot Propagation Tray to give them the best start in life. The Royal Botanic gardens Kew grow 3000 species of plant exclusively in the Air-Pot Propagation Tray. 

Pick your best seedlings and pot them on into the 3 Litre until they have fully established in the pot.

The small trees will then be ready to transplant into the bigger sizes. After a few seasons they will be ready to Plant in the ground and will establish really quickly due to the fantastic root system. 

If you do not wish to put your trees into the ground they will be perfectly content in the Air-Pot container far longer than a regular pot. 

(1) 8 litre Air-Pot Propagation Tray, 2 fixings
(10) 3 litre Air-­Pot Original, 1 fixing each
(3) 12.5 litre Air-­Pot Original, 2 fixings each
(3) 20 litre Air-­Pot Original, 2 fixings each

(24)  Green Fixings


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Dimensions139 x 33 x 13 cm